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Internship Programs


Our training program range from 7, 15, 21, 30 and 45 days duration depending on the time availability of candidates. 

Our Academic Options

Offline Education

In biotechnology, offline training offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows researchers to meticulously plan and execute experiments, ensuring precision and reproducibility. It serves as a crucial foundation for further advancements and applications, driving progress in the field and ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

Online Training

Online training has emerged as a valuable tool in the field of biotechnology, revolutionizing the way researchers and professionals acquire knowledge and skills. With the advent of digital platforms and virtual learning environments, online training offers numerous advantages that complement traditional laboratory-based approaches.


Certificates are provided as proof of completion or competency in offline/online training programs in the field of biotechnology. These certificates are accepted worldwide & serve as tangible evidence that an individual has successfully completed a specific course or training module and has gained a certain level of knowledge or skills.

Ph.D. Assistance

Biotechnology Ph.D. research work assistance is a comprehensive support system that aids students in every aspect of their research journey. Our expertise and mentorship contribute significantly to the success and advancement of Ph.D. students in the field of biotechnology.

Job Oriented Training

Job Oriented programs are designed in such a way that they equips individuals with the specific skills and knowledge required to excel in various roles within the biotech industry. Such training programs focus on providing practical, hands-on experience and theoretical understanding with 100% placement assurance. 


With a dedicated team of dynamic professionals in Biotechnology, we bring a wealth of combined experience across various functional disciplines. We offer dedicated services in the field on microbial identification using 16s rDNA, sample testing etc.

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