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Advance rDNA tech & Animal Cell Culture

This module include hands-on laboratory sessions where participants learn cell culture techniques, such as subculturing, passaging, and cryopreservation of cancer cells. They also learn about quality control measures, cell viability assays, and monitoring cell growth and behavior. Additionally, participants receive training on experimental techniques and assays used in cancer research, such as drug screening, genetic manipulation, & molecular analysis of cancer cells.

Cancer cell culture and molecular biology techniques empower researchers to unravel the complexities of cancer, facilitating the development of novel treatments and improved understanding of the disease.

30 Days/ 4 Weeks Program:

  • Safety Information & Maintenance of Sterility

  • Do’s & Don’ts in the Tissue Culture Lab

  • Exposure to Facility equipment

  • Preparation of medium and required Solutions

  • Cell Lines revival (Recovery)

  • Animal Cell Culture and maintenance of human cancer cell lines

  • Sub culturing (passaging) & freezing

  • Freezing & thawing of human cancer cell lines

  • RNA extraction from human cancer cell lines

  • cDNA synthesis

  • Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-PCR)

  • Inverted Microscopy

  • Induction of proliferation & differentiation in human cancer cell lines

  • Protein extraction from human cancer cell lines

  • SDS-PAGE and coomassie blue staining

  • MTT Assay for proliferation/cytotoxicity

  • Restriction digestion

  • Ligation

  • DNA gel electrophoresis

  • DNA gel extraction

  • Preparation of competent cells

  • Transformation and plating on LBA plates

  • Plasmid DNA isolation

  • Genomic DNA isolation

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

  • Protein & DNA sequence analysis

  • Primer Designing & Promoter analysis

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