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Forensic Science

Our comprehensive forensic science training provides participants with a hands-on learning experience, immersing them in the practical techniques and methodologies used in crime scene investigation and analysis. Led by experienced forensic professionals, our training program offers expert guidance, equipping participants with the necessary skills in evidence collection, preservation, and analysis, ensuring accurate and reliable forensic examination.

Through case studies and simulated scenarios, participants develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, learning to apply forensic science principles to solve complex criminal cases.

30 Days/4Weeks Program:

  • Cleaning & Sterilization of glasswares and Lab Safety& Ethics

  • Preparation of chemical& Reagents used in forensic science laboratory

  • Safety Information, Maintenance of Sterility & Do’s & Don’ts in the Forensic Lab

  • Exposure to Facility equipment

  • Estimation alcohol in Blood.

  • To prepare slides of scale patterns of human hair.

  • To examine human hair for cortex and medulla.

  • To examine Barr bodies from hair root.

  • Examination of hair of different domestic animals as cat, dog, cow, horse and goat.

  • To determine species of origin from blood.

  • To determine blood group from fresh blood and blood stains.

  • To identify blood stains.

  • To identify semen stains.

  • To identify saliva stains.

  • To determine titre of antisera.

  • To perform precipitin test for species of origin determination.

  • To perform Immunodiffusion test for species of origin.

  • Comparative analysis of Diatoms

  • Organic extraction of DNA from blood.

  • Extraction of DNA from other body fluids.

  • To prepare gel plates for electrophoresis.

  • Quantification of DNA using Nano drop method

  • PCR for DNA samples

  • Accessing of DNA databases.

  • DNA Fingerprinting

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